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Beer Joy

No, I didn't bingeread SMBC before drawing this...
Death is a weird thing. I didn't want to just draw a dead throwaway-character but also didn't feel like confronting the rules today. I don't know if there will be a strong continuity in this comic yet, thus whether death would be permanent. Now, the decision is still pretty much open. It't the lawyer. I mean, yeah, that punch was cool but still.

So, single panel comic. Had to be like this, one week an explosion that took me ages, the other one an insultingly stupid joke. Still, for some reason I love it.
I have a really gigantic workload to face right now, so it will be like that for the next 2-3 weeks. After that, man, my notes are bursting with a ton of minimum 6-panel comics!
I guess this guy sold them.

Also, all good thoughts to Paris and those who suffered and still suffer because of that senseless act of violence. Let's hope the right wing over here doesn't try and abuse what happened for their 'politics'.