New comic every monday!


General warning

The author of this comic likes to channel unusual thoughts into his comics,
including defying physics, strong language and kitten-surgeries.

About the author

Hello everyone, I'm Simon! I've been doodling and drawing pretty much since I was able to hold a crayon in my hand. Sometimes it was painting big pictures, sometimes stickmen just appeared in my notebook out of nowhere. Since this behaviour affected pretty much all my study materials in school to everything I try to do for the university right now, I started to channel it into something more productive. Since I'm usually not patient enough to finish big projects, I thought doing a webcomic would be a short and easy to do.

Boy, was I wrong.

Still, doing these comics is something I really love, no matter how much work I have to put in the website, the actual planning and drawing and everything around. So get comfortable with these comics, I'll stick around here for some time longer.
If my studies or some holidays don't totally whack up my schedule, there will be a new comic every monday!

Yeah, we get it, but what is it about?

Well, after all, that's why you're on this site instead of reading a comic.
(Hint: Go, read a comic!)
To be honest, I couldn't tell either. It might be a diary of nonsense. Few times how the world is, sometimes how it can be percieved, most times how it would be amazing!

After almost a year doing these comics on a regular basis, I guess the tone will stay basically the same.
Or not.
Maybe not at all.
Come on, we'll find out!
This will be fun and certainly filled with nonsense!